Sunday, January 1, 2012

Im back

Hey guys i know its been a few days since i have blogged about anything, but i have returned. I was in a horrible car crash. I slid a half mile off the road while racing with other cars on some back country roads late at night. I don't remember any of it other than the beginning. We had set a start and a finish 85 miles away. They said i crashed about 65 miles into the race, and i was well ahead. which i do remember being ahead. My car slid off the road on a turn that should of been taken at about 40 mph racing, 20 mph normal. i tried drifting it. which i have been successful at before. what i didnt know is that the electric company had been out trimming trees that day and forgot to sweep off the road. My car went sliding off the road going well over 40. and down a huge hill, rolling about 12 times, the police report said. car was totaled and i was ejected from it before it crashed into the trees. i still slid down the hill into a creek bed which was dried up. They other drivers continued with the race for my car was no where to be seen, they assumed i was still up ahead. About an hour later after everyone had finished, they didnt know where i was. they worried tried calling me. and eventually left to look for me. the crash had happened about 12:30am they found me about 2:45am i was rushed to the hospital. this all happened the night of my last post, the 26th. I woke up the 28th in the hospital. No recollection of what happened. only to go by the police reports. Now to hear the damage. Totaled 1997 supercharged pontiac trans am, with about 15k under the hood/mods.  completely destroyed. i'll have to get some pictures up here soon.

now for the damage to myself.

8 broken fingers (imagine how long this took to type using on index finger on a swollen hand)
2 broken wrists
1 broken arm
2 dislocated shoulders
5 broken ribs
dislocated jaw
88 stitches
twisted ankle
and i broke my ass, so it felt.

miraculously my legs were fine, except my ankle. I wore a helmet and had my seat belt on. was ejected through my roof.

no trauma when it comes to driving, im sure ill be back at it when i get another car fixed up.
and im sure some of you will have some lovely input about that

anyways guys, im back!


  1. Oh my God. This is terrible. How long are you going to spend in recovery? Your life has been drastically altered here and I truly hope you have family and good friends to help you get to the other side of this. Wishing you the best.

  2. Wow that is quite a huge ordeal, hopefully you have a speedy recovery, that's just awful.

  3. Owch. just ouch.. But its great that your okay now!

  4. oh, man that's awful! good thing you're alive huh?
    have a fast recovery

  5. When are you going to post again? Let us know how you're doing okay?

  6. Sending you white light and love*


  7. That sounds really unfortunate! I'm glad to hear you're on your way to recovery.