Sunday, December 25, 2011

Psychedelic EXP.

This blogs going to be a big one, hoping to get some actual interesting shit being talked about on here. Have any of you tried Psychedelics? Back in highschool, i did pretty much anything you could think of, to induce some form of a trip, except KEt, and PCP. So that means, Weed (lol), Shrooms, LSD, DMT, and payote. Butchered that last one possibly.. sorry.  So im going to share a Trip i've experienced once a day maybe 2 for the next week or so, or until i think of something else interesting to hold your interest.  

Lets start with a simple one. Weed.

Some people never really get to the point of hallucinating on marijuana, but i have a couple of times. It was when i first started smoking, back in 8th.. crazy right? Me and my best friend had the idea that we needed a quad to get "High", not realizing a dino would be good for both of us. So, my first few times using marijuana, i did way more than i should have. Which resulted in Throwing up and passing out, Gimme a break though, 8th grade..

We had our own smoke spot deep in a tree line in the middle of corn fields. Midwest usa here. For as far as the eye could see. you seen forever. i could see so far i could see my own back. "Total high quote there, think about it next time you have the chance".  We would carry a blanket, food, drinks, and tunes out to the tree line, and sit under a canopy of shade. Looking at the clouds and watching cars drive wayyyy off in the distance. Next to the tree line the grass began to grow, on the north side. Big white flowers began to bloom "Mid spring". after getting way to high, i felt as if i shrank. And the tall grass, about 3ft high and white flowers, turned into a mountain, and the flowers, snow covered evergreens. I viewed it as a still framed, halographic, or however its's spelled. Shit was to intense. I closed my eyes, and began to feel sea sick, followed by throwing up. This is one of very few times i've experienced something that intense from pot. Could of been laced, maybe i just smoked to much? idk? has anyone of you ever had something like this happen before? Needless to say, i figured out how much was needed and made sure it would never happen again. IT took about 15 trial and errors of throwing up before i realized what i was doing wrong. Just thought i was allergic or something. Very strange. Any of you familiar with Shroomerys trip scale, this came to about a lvl3. I've been in hyperspace at a 5, but for some reason it was much more enjoyable then the too high lvl 3 weed high.

So the question would be...

Has anyone here ever tripped out on pot? It's hard to find people who have, and most people think your a noobie who exaggerates. Which pisses me off, because at one point in time, I've unlocked the universe, and discovered that language is an obsolete form of communication. This is a blog for another time.

Thank you guys for the follows and comment, i enjoy reading all your blogs, and anyone who follows, will be followed back.

Love you guys!


  1. Excited to see what is to come from your blog!

  2. Wow man,
    I've never been hugely into weed being in the uk it's really quite expensive! Following!

  3. I watch all things Mega64, even the podcasts lol.

  4. pEyote, you were close ;)

    Never tripped on weed alone, but I havent done a lot. Nice story. =)

  5. Good read, looking forward to more like it

  6. My first couple weed highs...they weren't even highs rather me tripping balls. I wouldn't feel my feet make contact with the floor as i walked so it felt like i was falling through. In addition to that my left foot felt like my right and vice versa. But 3 years later and smoking everyday has done a great deal to change that haha. I do have a great interest in hallucinogens though.

  7. excellent guys, glad you enjoyed. Stepping it up to a shroom EXP later tonight! see ya! love all your blogs!

  8. Your blog concept is great but be sure to be in compliance with the Adsense compliance policies

    PS: captcha is on

  9. The only time I had a trippy experience with weed was when some girls I didn't know well just gave me a nickel bag for free. It must have beeen laced with something thoug. And thank you for the lovely comment on my page. I followed you back!

  10. I look forward to your insights. This is something that I always found interesting