Monday, December 26, 2011


Most people begin with shrooms when they decide to dive off the cliff, into the sea of psychedelics. A Shrooms or Psilocybe Cubensis, contain psilocybin and psilocin, which are the 2 psychoactive chemicals responsible for inducing a "Trip". Trips are what psychonauts call their form of getting high on hallucinogens. Now that you know, i can tell a story or two about one of the most memorable times i've tripped.

October 2009.

Its fall outside for the Midwest States. My best friend and I both take an eighth of the most rancid, disgusting, horrid, putrid, rotten, smelly,  poop shit shrooms we have ever had.

4:30 AM - Ingestion
5:00AM - Eat something to clear the taste. it took us a while to put em down. so gross.

6:00AM - they begin to kick in.

We head outside and decide we are going to walk to the local neighborhood park, just to hang out by the swing set. As we are walking to the park, we pass a huge pond, which looks like a mirror to another realm. The sky is crystal clear, with the stars shining brighter than ever. As we are walking we both begin to hear this faint fffffffffffffffffffff, getting louder, but its still a whisper. I glimpse into the pond and see a shooting star flying through the sky, in slow motion. I instantly look up and begin to yell. "HOLY SHIT, DUDE! DUDE! DUDE FUCKIN LOOK AT THAT!" you know the drill. We watched this slow mo star illuminate the sky.

7:00 AM - Park

We arrive at the park. The sun is coming up and everything is that faint yellowish purplish violetish color, that faint orange coming from wayyyy off in the distance. You cant see the sun itself, just the rays across the sky. We sit on the swing set and begin to peak. My friend asks why the hell everything is easter themed. haha. then what do you know. Everything is easter egg colored and themed. Makes no sense. houses are those powdery blues and purple and yellow. when normally they are supposed to be white. We begin to swing, well i do anyway. Hes kind of just spinning with his feet on the ground, spacing out. The park was laid with mulch, and every time i went back on the swing, the mulch morphed and would spelled words from another language to me. Up i went, as i came back the mulch would spin and spell something new. I knew what it was at the time i was tripping. Secrete blue prints of the universe, and the lyrics to life. For those of you who havnt tripped i probably sound insane, but you would get me right now if you knew. i laid back in the swing letting my body fall back as i laid like a plank in the swing, facing up towards the sky. Skill swinging gripping with the power of a thousand suns that i wouldn't fall or let go. Every time i came up, i was launched high into the sky. so it felt. After swinging made me feel way to dizzy i got down and walked to the jungle play thing they had in the center. Basic park here people. The red bars were, felt, looked, smelled, like candy. The park was made of big candy. I found a stick, and i held on to it for the next 5 hours lol. swinging it, and resting it on my shoulder. The clouds were fucking amazing, angelic, demon guardians flying through the sky, with torches and flails and maces, with axes and swords. Insane shit. i wish i could draw because i have a mental image of it. Truely epic.

2:00pm - Car

The peak and most of the trip was over when we made our way back to the car. However, entering and starting the car made me feel like i was in some future space warship. The power of it, the feeling and realization of how much it weighed, the idea of being able to do so much harm so easily. The ideas of axels breaking, tires popping, deer running out in front, kids chasing balls, running a stop sign, getting T-Bonerd. i calculated every statistic in my mind in the flash of a flash of the eye. Paranoia set in. if you couldn't tell. Shit looked normal i just had that weakened ego feeling. I was fine to drive so dont freak. Nothing to exciting happened after, took my buddy home, grabbed some subway, went home and ate. Took a shower, super cleaned because you have an attuned sense of detail. this puts us at about 7:00 pm, so i decided to go to bed, i was so exhausted.

I love telling people about my trips, but really only to people who have experienced with it. There is not enough words in any language in the world to fully depict what i seen, heard, felt, experienced. And if i try to explain it to someone who hasn't i find myself not making sense, because they still have locks on the doors in their mind.

Thanks for the follows and comments, i do love hearing input.


  1. Sweet, thanks for your expereince, now following!

  2. The only Fungi i eat is the cooking one.

  3. i havent tried shrooms yet, but definetly look forward to using them

  4. I haven't tried shrooms, but I have taken LSD.
    Intense, man.

  5. I love the retelling of this trip, stories like this always make me want to try this shit though I hear LSD is good to start with as shrooms can be much more intense.

  6. I met God on shrooms and I met God's God on LSD

  7. lol nice! pretty good story, but I'm too much of a pussy to try something hallucinating

  8. I love reading these type of stories. Yours sounds like fun. The way you describe the sunrise is beautiful, poetic.